Steamboy (2004)


In 1863, where an alternate nineteenth century Europe has made tremendous strides in steam-powered technologies, scientist Lloyd Steam and his son Edward have succeeded, after a lengthy expedition, in discovering a pure mineral water. They believe the water can be harnessed as an ultimate power source for steam engines (the main industrial engine of the time). An experiment in Russian Alaska goes terribly wrong, with Edward being engulfed in freezing gases, but results in the creation of a strange spherical apparatus.

Three years later, back in England, Edward’s son, Ray Steam, is an avid young inventor who works at a textile mill in Manchester as a maintenance boy, often working on a personal steam-powered monowheel at home. While he usually lives alone with his mother, his friend Emma and her brother Thomas have recently been sent over to stay until their mother returns from a business trip. Ray’s life is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of a package from his grandfather Lloyd; the metallic ball seen earlier, along with its schematics and a letter instructing him to guard it. Then, Alfred and Jason, two members from a company called “The O’Hara Foundation” arrive and attempt to steal the ball, but Lloyd appears just in time to distract them, allowing Ray to escape with the package. With Emma’s help, he manages to activate his monowheel as more agents, operating a large steam automotive, give chase, succeeding in thwarting it on a railway line by putting it in the way of an incoming train. By coincidence, Robert Stephenson, who was the intended recipient of the Steam Ball, was on his way to Manchester to meet with the elder Dr. Steam, and happens to be on the train. However, as the train approaches the station, a zeppelin carrying Alfred descends over their compartment and kidnaps Ray, taking the ball with them.

Arriving in London, sometime prior to the 1866 Great Exhibition, during a small dining session Ray meets Scarlett O’Hara, the spoiled granddaughter of the Foundation’s head chairman; Archibald Simon, an administrator of the company; and finally his father Edward, who has been partially mechanized for his severe injuries from the Alaskan experiment. He promptly takes Ray (and an insistent Scarlett) on a tour of the “Steam Castle”; an elaborate facility run by an army of engineers, and entirely powered by the compressed gas in three “Steam Balls”, one of which was the one sent to Ray. He is enamored both by the castle, and his father’s vision of using it to enlighten mankind. Ray is then quickly recruited to help complete the castle, and begins developing a love/hate friendship with Scarlett, who has become attracted to him.

Music by Steve Jablonsky


1866, Inghilterra vittoriana alternativa. Alla vigilia della prima Esposizione Universale, Ray Steam, figlio di una famiglia di scienziati di Manchester, trascorre giorni e notti a escogitare nuove invenzioni. Ray aspetta con impazienza il ritorno del padre e del nonno, partiti per l’America per proseguire le proprie ricerche. Un giorno il ragazzo riceve una misteriosa sfera metallica inviatagli dal nonno. Ma l’Ohara Foundation vuole impossessarsi della sfera e rapisce Ray portandolo a Londra, nel padiglione della Ohara Foundation. Qui il ragazzo scopre i poteri della sfera: si tratta di un contenitore di vapore compresso ad alta densità, che può generare un’energia di proporzioni incredibili. Ray dovrà impedire in ogni modo che la sfera venga usata per scopi malvagi.

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Risultati immagini per steamboy

Risultati immagini per Steamboy

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